Sine Wave 2550VA 24V Inverter DW2550

Model Number: DW2550

Sine Wave Inverter


Operating DC Voltage

36 Months*

Output Frequency (Hz)
50Hz ± 0.1Hz

Input Voltage Range
100-290V ± 10V

* T&C Apply

  • Excellent Design looks
  • Charging at 12A, 120V AC Input
  • BYPASS SWITCH: Instantaneously transfers the load to the mains electricity supply in case of Internal fault/fallure with the UPS system
  • Wide input charging range: 100V-300V
  • PFC Technology: Built-In energy saver
  • Oscillation charging system reduces your bllls
  • Can run 1/2 hp Tullu water pump on 900VA & above models
  • Best cooling fan inside for better efficiency & Longer life
  • High Frequency Technique used to avoid computer rebooting
  • TEMPERATURE SENSOR: Shutdown the UPS at High Temperature
  • CHARGE ANY BATTERY: Branded/Non-Branded Tubular/Flat Plat or SMF
  • AUTOMATIC CHARGING:Set Charging Cut-Off Voltage & Current as per Power Cut Duration & Age of the Battery
  • GPM TECHNOLOGY: Suitable for New/Old Battery
  • COMPLETE PROTECTION FROM: Short-Circuit, Phase Reversal,AC Back Feed,Thruster Short Circuit, Reverse Battery Connection,High & Low Volt
  • GREEN MODE: Shutdown in 10 hrs at No Load in Backup Mode, Saves Battery Backup & Enhances Battery Life
  • 12V Inverter models: 900VA, 1100VA & 1250VA
  • 24V Inverter Models: 1850VA and 2550VA