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What is an Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD)?

  • 19 April
Interactive flat display panel

If you want your kids to pay more attention in class, it might be time to get rid of that big old whiteboard. Traditional whiteboards are great for giving lessons, but they don’t allow students to take the lead in discussions. But this problem will soon be solved by the latest technology offering from Daewoo India. Using tech like an “interactive flat panel display” has helped teachers close this gap and get more students to learn. 

What does an interactive flat panel display mean?

The Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) is a way for students to work together in the classroom to help them learn and be more involved. It comes with tools that let you do things like take notes, draw on the screen, record attendance, and highlight text, to name a few. So, teachers can make lesson plans that are just right for their kids. 

What the Interactive Flat Panel Can Do?

People know that IFD  can be used in many different ways. To quickly get students’ attention and encourage learning, teachers only need to show material like movies, pictures, or drawings. 

These are the most important things about IFPD:

How is an interactive flat panel not the same as a projector?

Both the Interactive Flat Panel (IFPD) and the Projector are usually great tools for improving student learning in the classroom. But they are not the same when it comes to installation, touch interaction, and picture quality. 

In general, it depends on how big the school is and what it needs. You can use IFPD to let students in small to medium-sized schools do things like write, draw, and touch the screen. This will encourage students to connect with each other. But for bigger classrooms with less money, projectors with an interactive blackboard are a better choice because they cover more ground.

How can an interactive flat panel help students learn in the classroom? 

Traditional ways of teaching are changed by interactive flat panels into a dynamic, adaptable, and inclusive learning experience that meets the needs and wants of today’s students.

Delivering interesting content

By adding digital material, IFPDs give teachers the freedom to go beyond standard ways. Visuals with lots of color, models that students can interact with, and educational movies can help teachers make lessons more interesting and fit the interests of all their students.

Physically taking part in learning   

IFPDs make the classroom more engaging by having a surface that can be touched. Students can interact directly with the material by answering questions, moving digital items around, and taking an active role in lessons. This hands-on method helps students understand and remember more.

Right away evaluation and feedback

IFPDs let you do interactive polls and quizzes that give teachers and students instant input. This lets teachers see right away if students understand, change how they’re teaching, and clear up any misunderstandings right away.

Getting to online resources

When an IFPD is connected to the internet, it can access a huge number of online tools. New information, virtual field trips, and educational websites can all be easily added by teachers to their lessons. This keeps the content current and useful.

Digital Note-Taking and Making Marks

During lessons, teachers can make notes directly on the IFPD to emphasize important ideas or go into more detail on certain points. Students can also take part by taking digital notes, which makes the classroom a more collaborative and well-organized place to learn.

Lesson plans that can be changed

IFPDs give teachers tools like highlighting text, drawing on the screen, and taking notes, which lets them change lesson plans at any time. This customization makes sure that each student’s wants and learning pace are met during the lessons.

Things to think about before switching to an interactive flat panel display

It costs a lot to switch to an interactive flat panel display. We understand. There’s no need to worry, though, because we can help you get started:

When making plans for an Interactive Flat Panel (IFPD) project:

Last but not least, choose IFPDs from reputable brands like Daewoo Electronics only.