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Impact of Riding Habits on Two-Wheeler Battery Life

  • 27 May
Impact of Riding Habits on Two-Wheeler Battery Life

Hey, motorbike enthusiast! Hope you are keeping those wheels dirty and the rides fresh. But while we’re out here slaying miles, it’s important to keep battery health at the top of our minds too. 

Because here’s the hard truth – the way each of us rides and treats our batteries has a massive impact on their overall longevity and performance window. Taking good care of them versus mistreating them can mean adding or subtracting years to their service life. 

So basically, your riding habits play a huge role in determining whether you get the full expected lifespan out of each Daewoo India battery replacement, or if you’re a low-key battery drainer shortening their existence.  

The Battery Draining Bad Habits 

Let’s start by highlighting all the easy-to-fall-into bad habits that prematurely drain and stress your motorcycle’s battery over time:

1) Tons of Accessory

Sure, we all love kitting out our bikes with all the farkles and bling. Heated grips, stereos, LED lights, phone chargers and more. But what you may not realize is just how much those electrical accessories drain battery output through constant use.

Each accessory draws its own share of current. And while it may not seem like much individually, they absolutely suck the life out of batteries faster when combined and used regularly. Be mindful of this reality, especially on budget battery models.

2) Primarily Short Distance Rides

Nothing burns through battery charge quite like doing repeated short distance trips. Think lots of stop-and-go urban commuting, hauling across town, or quick errand runs. Why’s this an issue?

Well, most bikes won’t have enough alternator-charge time on short trips to properly recharge and recondition the cells from energy drawn during start-up. This leads to the battery constantly being in a depleted state which shortens lifespan.

3) Storing Batteries Off-Season Improperly

How many of us are guilty of just parking the bike for a few months of off-season storage without putting much thought into the battery maintenance? Raise your hands…

Because letting a battery sit around in a discharged or under-charged state wreaks havoc on the cells. It enables damaging sulfation buildup in lead-acid chemistries, not to mention straight up killing lithium packs too. Invest in a smart charger, folks.

4) Never Cleaning, Tending Battery Terminals  

When’s the last time you actually cleaned the battery terminals and connections? Keeping an eye out for corrosive terminal buildup is key.

Not only can that powdery crust create a resistive connection robbing your charge, but those deposits actually produce products that accelerate general battery degradation. 

5) Constantly Allowing Full Discharges

We get it, sometimes you gotta push the range limits on a tank or trip. But making a frequent habit of fully depleting and over-discharging batteries is seriously detrimental long term.

Repetitive deep discharging puts massive strain on the cells. It rapidly deteriorates their capacity while enabling damaging chemical buildups like sulfation. Short and shallow discharge cycles are vastly easier on batteries.

The Smart Battery Preserving Habits

Phew, got those bad battery behaviors out of the way! Now let’s focus on developing some habits to maximize your battery performance and longevity:

1) Use Smart Battery Tenders & Chargers

This one’s crucial – upgrading to an automotive-grade smart battery charger rather than using those junky rapid chargers or struggling along on just the bike’s alternator output.

Quality smart chargers optimize the charging profiles for your specific lead-acid, AGM or lithium battery while delivering multi-stage conditioning that desulfates and balances cells. An absolute must to keep those energy bricks juiced up optimally.

2) Prioritizing Longer Rides When Possible

For those of us who have the flexibility, try to prioritize going on longer battery charging rides whenever possible versus quick trips. The longer ride time window gives your bike’s charging system more opportunity to fully recharge and recondition the battery.

Shorter rides literally never reach those sweet full-charge spots. Making a habit of this will pay dividends versus repeated shallow discharges constantly stressing the cells cycle after cycle.

3) Minimizing Accessories While In Use

You already knew this tip was coming, right? Since accessories are a huge power draw that drains batteries far quicker, developing smart habits around managing those loads is super key.

Only activate accessories like heated grips, stereos, LED lights and other draws when you truly need them during rides. Shut offs the non-essential ones at stops and whenever possible too. Less drain equals more miles per charge, easy as that.

4) Proper Battery Storage & Offseason Care

How you store and care for batteries over the offseason matters a ton too. Motorcycles see some serious winter downtime in most climates, after all.

Invest in a Battery Tender lead or lithium pack to keep them topped off with the optimal charge level over these long periods. And if storing for extended stints, consider disconnecting the battery completely and pulling it out. Seems like a chore, but it prevents true deep discharges.

5) Plan for Periodic Replacement

Last but certainly not least, get proactive about anticipating that eventual battery replacement need. Don’t run those cells into the ground!

Most lead-acid batteries should get swapped every 3-4 years or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first. Lithiums can go 5-6 years with proper maintenance. Plan for that spend ahead of time rather than waiting for them to completely die.

Mark your calendar, set a reminder in your phone – whatever it takes. Planned, timely replacements are vastly cheaper and more convenient than emergency roadside calls for a tow!

The Battery Life You Save May Be Your Own

At the end of the moto day, maintaining and extending your two-wheeler’s battery lifespan just comes down to developing smart, deliberate charging and usage habits. It ain’t that hard!

Prioritize longer rides when you can. Use legit charging equipment and give them a conditioning top-off regularly. Minimize parasitic accessory draw, tech the battery terminals, and store them properly over the offseason. Finally, plan and budget for prompt battery replacements around the 4 year mark.

It’s such a simple set of habits and behaviors that yield crazy value and mileage extensions in return. Why beat your batteries into an early grave through neglect or improper treatment?

Start adopting these good practices now and your Daewoo Electronics batteries will show their gratitude by lasting until that typical replacement cycle. Stop being a battery destroyer draining cells left and right. Become a battery champion instead, maximizing every single charge cycle through peak treatment.

Your wallet and future self will seriously thank you for those small efforts, we promise! Longer battery life means lower operating costs on two wheeler battery price, less motorized downtime, and way fewer headaches overall. Sounds like a solid tradeoff to us!

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