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How To Buy The Best Two Wheeler two wheeler battery For The Best Pr

  • 28 May
How To Buy The Best Two Wheeler two wheeler battery For The Best Price?

Ugh, there’s nothing more annoying than getting stranded due to a dead two wheeler battery on your motorcycle or scooter. We’ve all been there – you go to fire up your trusty two-wheeler only to be met with that dreaded clicking sound instead of the sweet rumble of the engine. Yep, it’s dead two wheeler battery time again. 

Getting a replacement two wheeler battery doesn’t have to be a headache or break the bank. With a little know-how, you can absolutely slay and score the perfect two wheeler battery at a price that won’t give you a shock. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

We’ll cover all the must-know factors to consider, where to buy from, how to snag discounts, and more. Just sit back, relax, and get ready to level up your two wheeler battery buying skills with Daewoo India.

The Ground Rules

Okay, first things first – we need to get some basic groundwork out of the way. The very first step is knowing exactly what two wheeler battery your bike needs. We can’t stress this enough – getting the wrong specs is just asking for trouble down the road. 

So open that owner’s manual and look up the specific two wheeler battery type, voltage, physical dimensions, and any other requirements. Many bikes will also have this info printed somewhere on the chassis if you’d rather not dig through the manual. Just make sure you get these details 100% correct before moving forward.


The Two Types of Lead-Acid Batteries

When it comes to motorcycle and scooter batteries, you’ve got two main options: the old school flooded lead-acid batteries, or the newer, fancier absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. Let’s break down the key differences:

Flooded Batteries

– The classic, Been around forever

– Use a straight liquid electrolyte solution

– Cheaper upfront cost, but shorter lifespan (2-3 years typically)  

– Require periodic refilling with distilled water

– Can potentially leak acidic electrolyte if damaged

– Not fully sealed, may release gases

– More sensitive to vibrations and improper mounting

AGM Batteries 

– The modern, technically superior choice

– Electrolyte suspended in ultra-fine glass mats

– More expensive upfront (25-40% more than flooded)

– But last 3-5 years or longer under ideal conditions

– No refilling needed, completely sealed

– Valve regulated for added safety

– More resistant to vibrations and extreme mounting positions

– Overall higher quality and lower maintenance

So in a nutshell, AGM batteries bring a lot of advantages to the table like higher performance, lower maintenance, and better longevity. But you’ll pay a premium for them compared to basic flooded batteries.

For most riders rocking a medium-sized bike without a ton of accessories, a standard flooded two wheeler battery can definitely get the job done while saving some cash upfront. But if you’ve got a bigger cruiser loaded up with heated grips, a louder sound system, and other draining accessories – investing in an AGM two wheeler battery will likely be worth it.


Spec’ing It Out

Beyond just the two wheeler battery type, you’ll also want to double check the cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) to make sure you get enough two wheeler battery for your power needs. The CCA rating is a measure of the two wheeler battery’s ability to crank the engine in cold conditions, while RC refers to how long it can sustain accessories when the engine isn’t running.

If your bike has tons of power-hungry accessories or you frequently take short rides that rely heavily on the two wheeler battery, you’ll want to opt for a higher CCA and RC two wheeler battery. Just don’t go overboard or else you may end up with a two wheeler battery that’s physically too large to fit in the stock location.

Brand Battles

For most riders, we’d recommend looking at the mid-range and upper mid-range two wheeler battery brands. As long as you get a model with generally positive reviews from real owners, you can score a quality two wheeler battery at a decent price. But if you’ve got the budget for it, there’s nothing wrong with paying up for a premium brand either.

Sale Slaying Strategies

Okay, now the moment you’ve been waiting for – how to actually land a straight-up killer deal on your new two wheeler battery price! Here are some pro tips to maximize those savings:

1) Check Prices Across Multiple Retailers

Don’t just buy from the first place you see. Actually compare pricing for that same make and model across a handful of different retailers, marketplaces, and even online shops. Price can vary pretty significantly.

2) Opt for Professional Installation (if Free)

See if any shops, dealers, or mechanics offer free two wheeler battery installation when purchased from them. This can be a nice added perk to have it installed properly.

3) Time It for Seasonal Sales & Promotions

Certain times of year like new years, end of season sales, black friday, and more can bring steep discounts on batteries. Hold off for these if you can.

4) Look for Rebates, Bundles, or Package Deals

Manufacturers and retailers often offer mail-in rebates, accessory bundles, and other package incentives to move more product. Added value!

5) Factor in Core Charges

When replacing a two wheeler battery, you can often get a small “core charge” refund for turning in your old depleted two wheeler battery core. Every bit helps!

6) Hunt for Discount Codes, Cashback Sites

Online discount codes, cashback shopping sites and apps, and other hacks can slice extra percentages off your total.

7) Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

Finally, don’t be afraid to try and negotiate a deeper discount, especially if buying locally and you’re a returning customer. The worst they can say is no!

Accessorize for Success  

Beyond just the two wheeler battery itself, you’ll likely want to pick up a couple small accessories and extras like:

– two wheeler battery terminal protectors, no-acid leak batteries

– New two wheeler battery tie-downs, hold-down hardware

– two wheeler battery tender, charger, or other maintenance tools

– Acid bottle or absorbing mat (for flooded batteries)

While not necessities, having these on-hand along with the new two wheeler battery can make your life way easier and prevent issues. Plus, you can often find good bundle deals on these accessories.

Putting It All Together

There you have it – all the insider knowledge for getting an amazing deal on a quality, long-lasting two wheeler battery for your motorcycle or scooter. By understanding the key factors, comparing brands/models, timing for sales, and knowing where to look for discounts – you’ll be totally locked and loaded.

No more overpaying for batteries or getting stuck with subpar products. So get out there, do your research, and score an absolute steal on that new two wheeler battery you need. Your riding buddies will be in awe of your newfound battery buying prowess. Happy hunting with Daewoo Electronics!

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